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Some Hex empire maps and IMPORTAINT NEWS!

2009-06-28 12:57:47 by kardonskull

These maps are great in hex empire for some reasons, here are those maps

987089- None of the four countrys are not seperated by water that much unlike most maps

342342- lots of ithmues and pennusulas

989653- Redosia and Vilotnam are seperated from Blugaria and Greenland from a large body of water, great if you want some peice with one country for awhile

411511- Lots of citys and harbors at one point

524135- Easy to win with Blugaria, at least the style i play it from

BLANK- Basic map of the game, even redoisa's capitital is UNDENIFED, there is also no other towns and no bodys of water, even there isnt landscape. just green hexes. (do not type in blank, just erase the map number you got and just press enter)

if you dont know what im talking about, go here

and then look up top of the game screen when you see a number, erase that number and put one of these in, or just dont and press enter :P

here is the importaint news, BILLY MAYS IS NOW DEAD! First mikel jackson, then faria fossit and now BILLY MAYS! kira is going to far with his death note. i better kill him before he kills steve Mcfarlene (the creator of famly guy)


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2011-05-04 05:27:59

dude its seth mcfarlene


2011-12-30 19:39:01

thanks bro found this off of google lookin for good maps pleas add more